I AM The Bread of Life

December 1, 2019 Speaker: Jeff Skipper Series: Advent 2019: The Coming of I AM

Passage: John 6:25-51

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I. “I AM”




Discussion Questions

  1. Advent means“an arrival” and is a season where the Church emphasizes waiting, longing, and crying out for Jesus’ return to make all things right. What aspect of His Second Coming are you most longing for right now?
  2. If true, then Christmas changes everything; God has come, heaven has broken in! It’s not cynically “it is what it is” but “it’s not what it was and it’s becoming what it will be!” How does that give you hope and change the way you live?
  3. By repeating “I Am”, Jesus claimed to be not only human, but divine; equal with God. The question He poses to everyone is, “Who do you say that I am?” Why can’t we simply relate to Jesus as another good teacher or model of moral living?
  4. The crowds didn’t seek Jesus out in order to get Him, but rather for what he could give them (more bread). What are ways we can be tempted to do the same?
  5. Discuss what you’re tempted to “feed on” to give you a sense of security, worth, significance, and identity. How does Jesus, the Bread of Life, satisfy your hungers better than anything else?
  6. Jesus says the work is to “believe” in Him (John 6:29)! Pray for faith to believe this Christmas, which will overflow in “doing” the works of love that Jesus did.

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